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Rod Haydel, currently serves as president of Haydel’s Game Calls. As president, he is responsible for all day-to-day operations for Haydel’s Game Calls, Inc. Like his father, Rod is an accomplished musician. In fact, he actually began his college education with a full scholarship in music. As the company grew however, Rod changed his major to pursue and complete a degree in marketing. Rod also shares Eli’s love for hunting and is a champion caller in his own right. Both Rod and Eli have been inducted into the ‘Shreveport Sports’ Hall of Fame’, and Rod has played a key role in developing a wide variety of new and innovative products for Haydel’s Game Calls. He has also been featured on numerous national outdoor television programs and in outdoor sports magazines. Like his father, Rod is committed to keeping Haydel’s Game Calls a company that is ‘for hunters, by hunters’.