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    The H2 Waterfowl Series

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    Double Reed Mallard

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The Mini-18 features a two way voice system. Many different varieties of sounds can be created by inhaling or exhaling from different ends of the call. This is a lower volume call that can create many bird sounds situated for calling bobcat in close quarters in particular.
T2 - Teal Call


The T2 is a 5-N-1 combination Teal call. One end produces the quacks of Bluewing/Cinnamon Teal while the other is used for Greenwings, Pintail, Widgeon, and Mallard drake whistles.  


The RS -18 is a hybrid design acrylic tone board utilizing a special reed. This makes a call that is loud yet easy to run. Many different pitches can be achieved with this call to sound like more than one bird. Soon you’ll be eating some of that ribeye in...


The TAC-18 offers a wide variety of sounds to be created. You may blow it as a standard call by blowing through the barrel or remove the barrel to blow as an open reed. This call also has a built in mouse squeaker in the exhaust barrel.


The half pint speck call features our half-inch guts combined with a new reed. With an acrylic blowing barrel; this call requires very little air pressure to break crisply. Feature: Double "O" Rings
H2CG - Canada Goose


This acrylic call is a fast call designed for producing bright cracks in your long honks needed in calling geese at a distance when running traffic. The broke in guts have a slight bevel which helps in speedy sharp clucks to low ghosty moans. This call will do it all....


The Great White Snow goose call Features a hybrid design acrylic tone board for extra volume and ease of blowing. Many pitches can be achieved with this call simply by opening or closing your hand. Features: Double “O” rings. 
DR-85BL - Pearl Blue Double Reed Mallard


Since the inception of the DR-85 in 1984, over 1 million of these calls have been sold. One of the most popular mallard calls in history, this call has become a legend. H2 Waterfowl continues that legend with the new acrylic DR-85BL. This call will be turned in a pearl...
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Most Popular Calls

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“The Deceiver” Our #1 Seller features a fully adjustable floating wedge to allow personal tuning. Covering the full chromatic scale, this call has won many “Meat Calling Contest”. However, we do not recommend using it in world class competition.
BB-10 “Big Blue”


Blue-winged Teal This new call features double mylar reeds and was developed out of a need for maximum volume situations.
GW-01 Gadwall Call


With the increase in the population of gadwalls over recent years many hunters have come to rely on these birds. Now you can speak their own language! Produces the “tat-tat” sound of the drakes as well as the nasally quacks of hens.
BC-10 Big Barrelled


Cutdown Mallard Our new mallard call is a hybrid of two of our most popular calls the Cutdown and Big barreled calls from the past. Aggressively tuned to handle most any situation you will encounter.
GHC Government Hunter Cottontail Predator


Double Reed w / Coaxer Voice A super gravely sound is created, while blowing into this call. When blowing on the opposite end you get a squeaker sound for close in calling. Hyper-ventilating death cries can be accomplished by blowing and sucking air from either end.


Produces the squealing sound of the Wood Duck coming to roost.
BH-92 Boss Hawg


Emits hog grunts and has the ability to create the distress squeals of large boars fighting. This sound attracts other hogs. This is useful while stalking.
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Featured Calls

T2 - Teal Call


The T2 is a 5-N-1 combination Teal call. One end produces the quacks of Bluewing/Cinnamon Teal while the other is used for Greenwings, Pintail, Widgeon, and Mallard drake whistles.  
DC-14 Diver Duck Call


The Diver Duck Call creates the “Brrrrr” sound that Redheads, Bluebills, Scaup, Canvasbacks, etc. use to communicate. While traditional Mallard Calls have often times been used in a crutch this call has been specifically designed for the purpose of dedicated diver hunters. It features a removable plug in the exhaust...


Designed to give the finest impersonation of a “susie mallard”; this call is hand tuned by professional callers and blows wet. Double “O” ring construction insures a tight seal; while the double-reed system famous in the “DR-85” provides resonance. When the wariest of late season, migrating mallard arrive our “REDLEG”...
WBS-17 Wide Bore Speck


This wide bore “Speck” call is a unique hybrid design combining an acrylic big bore tone board with a narrow air channel. The tone board design, paired with a more tapered reed creates an easy blowing and “user friendly” call. The WBS-17 is easy to control and produces a wide...
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